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Sound Room XXXIV: Recording

Here is a recording from Friday’s gig at Sound Room XXXIV, Third Space, Helsinki. The first half contains “on the hoof” reworkings of tracks from my album Echoic, while the second half is taken up with a twenty minute performance for mono reel-to-reel tape machine, two particularly mangled tape loops and phrase sampler. Enjoy!


01. There
02. Bark
03. Sea
04. Absent
05. Sketch for Reel-to-Reel Tape Machine, Tape Loops and Phrase Sampler

Many thanks to Ana Gutieszca and Sébastien Piquemal.


Sound Room XXXIV


Facebook event:

​Stephen Christopher Stamper is a British-born artist living and working in Helsinki.Through sound work, installation and performance, Stephen has explored themes of decay, memory and obsolescence, the body and its relationship to illness, the manipulation and execution of code by machine, extreme metal music culture, and the a cappella community singing tradition of Sacred Harp.

For his performance at Sound Room, Stephen will (once again) attempt to conjure the following from reel-to-reel tape machine and phrase sampler: “drone-fuzz, magnetic pulsation, vocal snippets, waking dreams, the surf’s steady pound and the hum of utility poles” (@JasonGubbels).

Live @ Relics, Science Gallery London Pop Up, 27/11/2014

A rough ‘n’ ready recording (with mild editing and EQ) of my opening set at Relics: a night of sound performances exploring decline and decay promoted in conjunction with the sound art collective Gwaith Sŵn and London’s arts radio station Resonance104.4fm.

All sounds were sourced from shortwave radio, tape bought at a Finnish car-boot sale and tape loops made from second-hand vinyl records for an old Tandberg Series 15 reel to reel tape recorder, which were then triggered live from a Boss Dr. Sample SP-303 phrase sampler.


A gig in Winchester! Shame its not The Winchester!


Seriously tho’, if you’re in the area…

It’s been a while, but Ologies is back, with another eclectic bill, perhaps our finest yet…

Not a stranger to Winchester by any means, Kemper Norton will be performing his unique, eldritch blend of folk and electronics – his micro-symphonies of rural alienation and decay. Howlround will summon ghosts and archival memories from the colossal databanks of the BBC world service, while Olan Mill, with their soaring drones, will explore the emotion in inner and outer landscapes. Clive Henry, proponent of HNW and general behemothic noise, will be digging out new sounds from old kit and Stephen Christopher Stamper will be processing echoic memories from archived cassettes.

Or maybe they’ll decide to do something else.

The Railway
Runningonair Music

Happy New Year!

New year equals new show! On the 16th of January I will be premiering a new piece entitled Living by Numbers, followed by some kind of performance on the 17th. The show itself will be open until the 19th. See the poster below for more info!

I will also be releasing the follow up to my, ahem, “critically acclaimed” debut Begin Anywhere. Once again it will be released via the ever wonderful Runningonair Music. More details to follow soon!

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