Loop (Fade In/Out)

Mining the same shoebox full of old cassette tapes that formed the bedrock of my last album Echoic, Loop (Fade In/Out) chips a few seconds off a 20+ year old rehearsal tape, slows it down, and loops it into eternity.

Signal Path

Panasonic RX-FT600 (Cassette Tape Source) -> Tandberg Series 15 (Reel-to-Reel Tape Loop) -> Boss Dr. Sample SP-303 (Reverb) -> Panasonic RX-FT600 (Cassette Tape Recorder) -> Boss Dr. Sample SP-303 (Isolator) -> Zoom H2 Handy Recorder (Digital Recorder) -> Apple MacBook Pro (Normalise + Fade In/Out)


Musicians on original rehearsal tape:

Ian Clementson (Bass)
Martin Colborn (Guitar)
Adam Hodgson (Keyboards)
Anton Schubert (Guitar)
Stephen Christopher Stamper (Drums)

Track re-made and re-modelled by Stephen Christopher Stamper.

Photography by Adam Hodgson.
Artwork by Stephen Christopher Stamper.


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