Beautiful, Hypnotic & Truly Beguiling

Another review for Echoic from the Collective Zine website:

Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Oct 4, 2014

Run for your lives it’s the return of Runningonair Music, those insane musical scientists who do some science and then make sounds that the science inspires.

The previous release from this artist featured “algorithmic compositions” in place of what a dullard such as myself would probably call “songs” or “tracks.” It’s okay though, because these fellows are working for the greater good, they’re not building a new kind of atomic bomb in their garages, they’re making these extraordinary albums so it doesn’t really matter what they call the contents.

As before and as with anything made available to the public by this extraordinary label, this is music unlike anything you’re likely to hear elsewhere, made by people who have somehow managed to meld the two, seemingly opposite worlds of science and art and create something beautiful, hypnotic and truly beguiling.


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