A review of Echoic from the Chilean webzine Loop:

This is the second album which is released on the English Runningonair Music label run by sound artist Joe Evans. Stamper is a sound artist from Newcastle who now lives in London working on sound, installations and performances.

The raw material of ‘echoic’ comes from old cassette recordings made by his friends and Stamper himself, who digitizes them and become part of his set-up using a laptop that comes to contain this echoic memory. This term is created by the German psychologist Ulric Neisser, who develops cognitive science and behavioral change to cognitive models of psychology. Refers to how the brain is able to retain an exact copy of what is listened for a few seconds.

The music on ‘Echoic’ consists of six pieces that delve into ambient and drones deploying beautiful atmospheres that invite the listener to a nice trip.

‘See’ conjure-up the ambience of Stars Of The Lid and ‘Out’ and ‘Out’ LovesLiesCrushing’s shoegaze-ambient. Beautiful.

www.runningonair.com and http://runningonair.bandcamp.com/album/echoic

Guillermo Escudero
April 2014


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