Walking Piece

Walking Piece Drawing by Matthias Sperling

Walking Piece is an installation performance by Matthias Sperling featuring a diverse group of performers who create a single-file loop that continuously circumnavigates Siobhan Davies Studios. Audience members are invited to travel along, around and among the performers’ circular route in their own time. Meeting points and shared journeys between performers and audience continually shift as you encounter each performer’s unique way of navigating the loop.

On Sunday 15th July 2012, my fellow ‘diverse group of performers’ and I performed Matthias’ Walking Piece a grand total of three times!

The past three months of rehearsal and performance have been a truly amazing adventure with a wonderful group of people I will not forget: Anastasia, Bruce, Caroline, Charmaine, Denise, Emma, Evangelia, Franck, Hanna, Jo A., Jo B., Kate, Maddy, Margaret, Philip, Rachel A., Rachel G., Rosie, Shane, Toyin, Zokaya, Robyn and Matthias. Thank you all!


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