Begin Anywhere: The Second Review!

From the Vital Weekly webcast:

The first release by one Stephen Christopher Stamper, of whom I know nothing more than he likes VLF radio phenomena, algorithmic composition, Karplus-Strong string synthesis and open-source software. He is studying Sound Arts and Design. Much of this release contains long wave sounds being manipulated in free software such as Pure Date and Debia GNU/Linux and Audacity. Maybe those crackling long wave sounds come off as a bit dull by now, or maybe something of some time ago, but as always its the result that counts and that result is here quite nice. Stamper succeeds quite well to mould these crackling sounds into a variety of pieces which sound quite different. Sometimes a bit noisy with those static crackles, but then there are also pieces which are more ambient glitch like, and even small hints of melody can be traced here and there. Great stuff, especially because of this variety in approach and results. A varied album of great textured music, which doesn’t just stay in one safe place but moves all over the spectrum of experimental music, and that’s quite nice. Certainly a new name to remember. (FdW)


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