Begin Anywhere: The First Review!

From the Norman Records website:

This is one of those nice brown cardboardy foldy things on Runningonair and it’s hand numbered of 100. So there’s the physical facts sorted. This is Mr Stamper’s debut release and what you get is 11 tracks of experimental electronics and recordings. Electro acoustic business is afoot here in some of the tracks whilst others have a darker almost celestial edge to them. Strange droneworks with lots of crackles and fizzles and the odd twinkle as well. It’s an interesting and varied listen (compared to some drone releases) with each track taking you to a different place. There’s some nice (vintage sounding) electronics in there as well adding an extra dimension to the mix. It’s very otherwordly and I’d say if you’re into things on labels like 12K and Room 40 you should maybe check this out.


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